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The Problems

Supply Chain controlling is complex. Multi-tiered chains are facing increased pressure due to volatile demand patterns, the increasing global competition and to rein in costs. These are the major problems of today:


Partly as a result of globalization and outsourcing, Supply Chains have less grip on product-, information- and financial streams. This causes a lack of end-to-end visibility throughout the chain.


Corporate social security is the new standard. However, businesses and customers still find it difficult to properly verify the authenticity, quality, sustainability, fairness, certification, and warranty of products.


The right information is essential for planning and controlling the Supply Chain operations. The proliferation of different systems that don’t communicate with each other is one of the fundamental information-sharing problems of today.


Trust is the basis of a good relationship between partners in Supply Chains. In the absence of trust, both the cost price and the Time-to-Market are negatively influenced.


There is no universal product-tracing method for customers/end users. Developing and maintaining such platforms cost time and money, making the companies reluctant to create them.


Thousands of counterfeit goods are listed every day, this being one of the major challenges e-commerce faces at present.

The TENDOR Business Network

Provides a wide range of integral Blockchain solutions for Supply Chains for a better coordination between partners and creating end-to-end visibility. It’s all about streamlining product, information and financial flows both up and downstream the chain.

Vendor Managed Inventory Platform

Order and Inventory optimization throughout the Supply Chain by integrating a revolutionary new approach to VMI that’s powered by Blockchain and a chain-wide AI-Forecasting Tool. The platform builds mutual trustless trust between the partners in the SC.

Asset Tracking Platform

Stores data in a distributed ledger about the physical journey of loading units and products that flow throughout the chain retrieved from the RFID & NFC-tags and Smart Sensors.

Smart Contract Module

Enables the development and enforcement of Smart Contracts (e.g. SLA’s) between two or more Supply Chain parties on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Administration Module

Facilitates generating, sending, and storing various documents/certificates. The module also allows the inspection authorities (such as quality marks) to add documents to the Blockchain.


TENDOR Track is a platform for tracking product information by scanning an NFC-tag using a smartphone. End-users can then track, for example, the information about the authenticity, quality, sustainability, fairness, certification, and warranty of their product. This data is retrieved from distributed ledgers of various Supply Chain parties (e.g. ATP/VMIP/AM) and is shared with the TENDOR Track web server. The tags generate a unique cryptographic code at each ‘tap’ that connects with a cloud server in order to ensure the authenticity of the tags. The Blockchain-Verified™ tags can only be used by companies that have successfully passed the audit conducted by one of the auditors.


TENDOR Trade is a decentralized P2P e-commerce platform (B2C, B2B, C2C) for Blockchain-Verified products. Because the sellers host their own servers, TENDOR Trade features 0% platform fees, resulting in a flexible and low-fee trade experience for both buyers and sellers. The AES ensures end-to-end encryption the communication is kept between the buyer and the seller. The platform allows payments with cryptocurrencies and other (crypto)payment platforms. Our Moderation-Team will provide optional support between buyers and sellers for low fees.

The Advantages

Our integral solutions enable Supply Chains to thrive and support secure trading in Blockchain-Verified products


End-to-End visibility of the three main Supply Chain flows.


Trust in the data that is being shared among businesses, stakeholders, and customers.


Decentralized encrypted (cloud-based) data storage, and the elimination of fraud, theft, falsifications, risks, and errors.


Optimization of capacity and inventory management, streamlining of business operations, improved working capital and a shorter CCC.

Agility & Quality

Faster identification of bottlenecks, disruptions, and changes. Improvement of production and distribution, shorter lead times, higher service levels/fill rates.

Track & Trade

A reliable way of tracking product information using NFC-tags for end-users, a flexible and decentralized way of doing e-commerce in a trusted manner.

The TDR Token

TDR tokens are ERC20 tokens, a well-known protocol standard on the Ethereum network. TDR tokens are utility tokens with a utility in the Track & Trade Ecosystem and when purchasing TENDOR’s services/products.

      Token sale: 15 sep - 15 nov
      Ticker: TDR
      Platform: Ethereum, ERC20
      Accepted currency: ETH
      Total supply100.000.000
      Tokens for sale: 85.000.000
      Price in USD: ~ $0,176
      Price in ETH: 1 ETH = 1590 TDR
      Pre-sale: No
      Bonuses: No
      Individual cap: Min 0.01ETH
      Soft cap: $550.000 / 1978 ETH
      Hard cap: $15.000.000 / 53471 ETH
  • 85%


  • 11%


  • 4%


TDR Token Distribution

TENDOR's Roadmap

  • Establishment of the Business concept (i.a. strategic plan, whitepaper, legal documents, bounty program
  • Establishment of the Blockchain-Verified label
  • Development of the MVP version of the TENDOR Track (App) & VMIP Dashboard
  • Opening of the Whitelist registration
  • Start of the TDR token sale (15 sep)
  • - End of the TDR token sale (15 nov)
    - Distribution of possibly unsold tokens
    - Listing of TDR on first exchange
    - Expansion of TENDOR's team
    - Collaboration with >5 (global) inspection companies
    - Beta TENDOR Track

  • Beta TENDOR Trade
  • - Beta ATP, VMIP, AM
    - Alfa Track & Trade platforms

  • - Beta SCM
    - Alfa Business network (ATP, VMIP, AM, SCM, ETLT)
    - Creation of Moderator-Team & Community

  • Official release of the Business network and Track & Trade
  • And the journey goes on...




Mitchel Stroosnijder's Photo
Mitchel Stroosnijder
Founder & MD
Patrick Salij's Photo
Patrick Salij
Blockchain Developer
Alexander Kidanemariam's Photo
Alexander Kidanemariam
Rick Visser's Photo
Rick Visser
Bounty & Community Manager


Sam Wubben's Photo
Sam Wubben
Legal Advisor
Merijn Kattenbelt's Photo
Merijn Kattenbelt
Data & Financial Advisor
Arthur Meijer's Photo
Arthur Meijer
Marketing & Sales Advisor
Arie Bakker's Photo
Arie Bakker
Logistics Management Advisor


Where is TENDOR based?

TENDOR B.V. is registered in the Netherlands. The team and advisors are located across various parts of the Randstad, but most of us are based in the Rotterdam area.

Are there any bonuses available for the token sale?

No, we’ve decided to use a flat rate so the price is the same for everyone. This also prevents the risk of tokens being immediately sold after they are listed on exchanges (a phenomenon called ‘dumping’).

How can I purchase TDR tokens?

You will be able to buy TDR tokens using Ethers (ETH). The Smart Contract only accepts ether since the TDR tokens are based on the ERC20 protocol, a standard for the behavior of tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain. (...)

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